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    Bat7 Building links and submitting your articles and posts syndicating your content to all the top social networks, you don’t even need to have a blog, Join up and go you your post page fill in the user names of the social networks you want to post to- Then just send .It cant get any easer save your self money by using bat7 your news and post will be keyword targeted link backs to your blog. Our plug-in will help get some good deep back links for your site which will help in getting out of google sand box and will help in the page rank war, and Bat7 will automatically promote your blogs or news items . We will be working on so many more servers and be added these on a regular basis , And we will try to fix the servers that fail more then 5 times per post. Our prices are set to what we believe is a good price for the service you get, Upload to as many blogs you like, for free pay for Silver Premium and can post 15 post per day we limit this to help stop spam and save on resources Gold Premium unlimited post per day both silver and gold will have no ad or links ad to your post. We will be having a affiliate system very soon so please check back soon
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